Valentinos Cos


2nd Level Taldan Paladin

One Unique Thing
I am the former lover of the Witch Queen, but when she betrayed her mother, I forsook her without word and have not seen her since.


Attribute Modifier Defense Score
Strength +3 Hit Points 36
Constitution +1 Armor Class 14
Dexterity +0 Physical Defense 13
Intelligence -1 Mental Defense 13
Wisdom -2 Recoveries 8
Charisma +3 Recovery Roll 2d10+1
Attack Modifier Hit Miss
Glaive +6 2d10+4 2
Cold Iron Longsword +5 2d8+3 2
Crossbow (near and far) +2 2d6 -

Icon Relationships

The Witch Queen conflicted 1d6
The Vindictive Mother conflicted 1d6
The Guardian positive 1d6

Town Watch +7
Warded against Witchery +5

Racial Power
Quick to Fight: roll Advantage for initiative

Class Features
Smite Evil: + 4 to attack and + 1d12 damage on an evil creature

Implacable: roll saves at the start of your turn
Path of Universal Endeavor: nearby allies get + 1 to all saves
Fearless: immune to fear effects, + 1 melee attack vs foes unengaged with allies (+ 2 if they have Fear)

Reach Tricks: make an easy save to pull off an awesome stunt using your glaive
Luck: start each session with an extra Benny
Smite Evil

Plot Twist
Fork in the Road

Old, worn blackjack
Magic ring
Leather armor


Valentinos’ relationship with Queen Elvanna was already strained by her betrayal of her mother, Baba Yaga, but he had held onto the hope that their was still good to be found in her heart. However, upon finding out the reason for her betrayal – to overthrow her mother in order to usher in a new ice age and dominate all of Golarion – the stalwart paladin has come to realize his former lover’s soul is nothing more than an icy pit of darkness and that she must pay the ultimate price for her crimes.

Plot Twists
Something Found: While traveling with Nadya to Waldsby, a flight of ravens made a beeline toward the group. Nadya warned the group that the White Witches sometimes use these birds as their eyes throughout the land and urged everyone to hide. Before they could cover themselves under the tarps holding the supplies down on the dog sleds, Gask attacked the ravens using his rune. Valentinos found a ditch in the ground, covered in snow, that helped provide temporary shelter until the ravens were carried away by a gust of wind.

Valentinos Cos

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