2nd Level Gnome Ranger

One Unique Thing
I was separated from my family when we were all ensorcelled by a terrifying monster. I don’t know what happened to them, but I aim to find out!

Attribute Modifier Defense Score
Strength +3 Hit Points 28
Constitution +0 Armor Class 17
Dexterity +2 Physical Defense 16
Intelligence +0 Mental Defense 12
Wisdom +1 Recoveries 8
Charisma -1 Recovery Roll 2d8
Attack Modifier Hit Miss
My & Mae’s Knives +6 2d8+3 2
Hunting Knives +5 2d4+3 2
Crossbow (near and far) +4 2d6+2 2

Icon Relationships

Mother Earth positive 2d6
The Monster negative 1d6

Survivalist +7
Trickster +5

Racial Powers
Small: + 2 AC vs Opportunity Attacks
Confounding: Daze an enemy until the end of your next turn when you attack with a 16+
Minor Illusions: Create sounds or smells that fool others unless they make a save

Lethal Hunter: your crit range expands by 3 against a targeted enemy for the battle
First Strike: your crit range expands by 3 the first time you attack a new enemy
Two Weapon Mastery


  • First Strike
  • Lethal Hunter

Plot Twist
Fleeting Glimpse

Leather armor
My cloak that has been overgrown with foliage
Bearskin coat and boots
Bag of Marbles
20 shields


Klaatu is living life in a haze right now. His last solid memory is travelling through the forest with his family when they heard a loud and inhuman screeching. They ran. Lost and disoriented, they next thing Klattu can recall is coming to in a cave and seeing his daughter Mae sacrifice herself to save a group of people from Teb Knotten. Now, he must grieve.


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