2nd Level Half-Elven Sorcerer

One Unique Thing
Although what lies beyond life is a mystery to us, the dead aren’t silent. They always have a story to tell – and I am their captive audience.

Attribute Modifier Defense Score
Strength +1 Hit Points 36
Constitution +3 Armor Class 13
Dexterity +2 Physical Defense 15
Intelligence -2 Mental Defense 13
Wisdom +1 Recoveries 8
Charisma +4 Recovery Roll 2d6+3
Attack Modifier Hit Miss
Quarterstaff +3 2d6+1 2
Crossbow (near & far; prevents casting) +3 2d6+2 -

Icon Relationships

The Witch Queen conflicted 1d6
The Demon negative 1d6
The Three positive 1d6

Alchemist +5
Buried Alive! +4
Fortune Teller +7

Racial Power
Surprising: once per battle, subtract 1 from a d20 roll you make

Class Features
Dancing Lights: produce random light sources somewhere around you
Leach Life Force: spend a round chaotically gathering life power to double the power of your sorcerer spells

Dark Witchcraft Heritage: resist negative energy 12+, +1 attack vs undead
Arcane Heritage: you may swap one Sorcerer spell for a Wizard spell
Infernal Heritage: go into a spell frenzy once per session

Pick 5:

  • Breath of the Wight: + 6 vs PD, 3d6 + 4 to a couple of nearby targets
  • A Taste of Death: + 6 vs PD, 1d6 + 4 negative energy damage to a couple of nearby targets
  • Shards of Pain: + 6 vs PD, 1d8 + 4 random energy to a distant target
  • Lightning Fork: + 6 vs PD, 3d6 + 4 chain lightning damage
  • Resist Energy: resist an energy type at 12 +
  • Lingering Death: + 6 vs PD, 1d6 + 4 negative energy damage to a distant target with a chance of ongoing damage

Wizard Spells:

  • Acid Arrow: +0 vs PD. 4d10 plus ongoing acid damage
  • Blur: you or an ally will be missed 20% of the time when targeted this battle
  • Raise the Dead: + 6 vs MD on a dead creature with 40 HP or fewer; the target believes you to be a friend
  • Color Spray: +0 vs MD; 2d8 psychic damage to a small group of enemies with a chance to Weaken them
  • Unrelenting Spirit: 2d4 automatic damage
  • Ray of Frost: +0 vs PD; 3d6 cold damage
  • Shield: free action to cast when your AC is hit; the attacker must reroll the attack
  • Shocking Grasp: +0 vs PD; 1d4 lightning damage and force the target to disengage with you
  • Utility Spell: Disguise Self, Feather Fall, Hold Portal

Ritual Casting: cast your spells as rituals using ingredients over a period of time
Lingering Death

Plot Twist
Marked by the Gods
Sudden Recollection

Bear fur lined robes
Jars of odd reagents
Alchemist’s kit
Five mushrooms from the Briarwood
Deck of cards
53 shields


At the Archerfeast carnival in Heldren, Leopold paid a shield to have his fortune told. He was told that he has a shadowy soul and the path he will walk will be dark, with ravens screaming and crows fleeing, and his still beating heart will be held in the grasp of frigid fingers.

However, thus far, none of the prophecy has come to pass. Quite the opposite, in fact. While the party recuperated in the cave at the heart of the Border Wood, Leopold slipped out into the night and traveled through the portal until he came to a small village. There he began disinterring the dead, but he was spied by some of the villagers. During the ensuing confrontation, Leopold was stabbed in the shoulder and his crystal ball was knocked to the ground, cracking upon impact. Unfortunately, for the villagers, interrupting his ritual had disastrous consequences, for they have not been seen again. Although, as if in their place, crows have come to roost throughout the village. Many, many crows.

Plot Twists
Road Most Traveled: After being ambushed by Teb Knotten at the mouth of the winter portal, Leopold tricked the creature and in his confusion, the monster returned back towards the cave where it lived. The party used Teb Knotten’s momentary pause to assault and fell the vicious beast.


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