Gask Wintertomb


1st Level Dwarf Cleric

One Unique Thing
The ancient rune I found was cursed by the Witch Queen. As I use it, I draw a demon closer to the world and my body will serve as its vessel.


Attribute Modifier Defense Score
Strength +3 Hit Points 36
Constitution +3 Armor Class 17
Dexterity +0 Physical Defense 14
Intelligence +1 Mental Defense 12
Wisdom +5 Recoveries 8
Charisma -1 Recovery Roll 1d8+2
Attack Modifier Hit Miss
Mace +3 1d6+2 1

Icon Relationships

The Witch Queen conflicted 1d6
The Demon positive 1d6
The Dwarf King conflicted 1d6

Touched by Divinity +3
Blood of the North +3
Blacksmith +2

Racial Powers
That’s Your Best Shot?: Once per battle use a recovery after you have been hit
Ale: Brewing ale and questing for quality ingredients motivates a significant portion of your interactions
Magic Treasure: you consider how magic treasure feels about its owner (especially how it is being treated) when first meeting a person that has said treasure

Class Features
Heal: allow a target to use a recovery
Ritual Magic: cast your spells as rituals using ingredients over a period of time


  • Vengeance Domain: grant an ally a reroll attack blessing when one of you is critted or dropped
    Invocation: Increase miss damage
  • Protection Domain: affect two additional allies when casting for broad effect
    Invocation: Crits do normal damage
  • Illusion Domain: grant your trick die to an enemy or ally
    Invocation: enemies that move to engage and attack you miss on an ODD.

Pick 4:

  • Bless: + 2 (cast for power) or + 1 (cast for broad effect) bonus to attack
  • Cure Wounds: Allow a free recovery
  • Hammer of Faith: melee weapon damage uses d12s
  • Javelin of Faith: + 5 vs PD, 1d6 + 4 holy damage against a nearby target
  • Shield of Faith: + 2 (cast for power) or + 1 (cast for broad effect) to AC
  • Spirits of the Righteous: + 5 vs MD, 4d6 + 4 holy damage and ally with lowest HP gets +4 AC
  • Turn Undead: + 3 vs MD, Daze, hurt or destroy undead


  • Protection Domain: when you target an ally with a spell, you can choose an ally to reroll a save
  • Heal

Plot Twist
All in the Details

Blacksmith’s hammer
Ancient rune
Heavy bear pelt cloak
28 shields


Gask Wintertomb

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