Fistandantilus Wingnutsnakeoil


2nd Level Gnome Rogue

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I see beyond the reality of Golarion, into all other realities. Sometimes I visit them when the mood strikes me.

Attribute Modifier Defense Score
Strength +2 Hit Points 28
Constitution +1 Armor Class 15
Dexterity +4 Physical Defense 16
Intelligence +3 Mental Defense 12
Wisdom +0 Recoveries 8
Charisma -1 Recovery Roll 2d8+1
Attack Modifier Hit Miss
Bejeweled Knives +6 2d8+4 2
Shortbow (nearby and far away) +6 2d6+4 2

Icon Relationships

The Magician positive 2d6
The Prince of Shadows positive 1d6

Conservator of Legends & Lore +6
Specialist of Discovery and Acquisition +6
Troupe of the Royal Circus Maximus +4

Racial Powers
Small: + 2 AC vs Opportunity Attacks
Confounding: Daze an enemy for a round when you attack with a 16+
Minor Illusions: Create sounds or smells that fool others unless they make a normal save

Class Features
Sneak Attack: +1d6 melee attack on an enemy engaged with an ally of yours
Trap Sense: reroll a skill check on an EVEN FAIL; reroll a trap’s attack on an ODD

Cunning: +2 on skill checks involving traps
Shadow Walk: +5 vs highest nearby MD to hide and reappear the next turn and deal double damage
Swashbuckle: spend your momentum to pull off an amazing stunt

Roll with It! Take half damage from a melee attack that hits your AC or PD
Deadly Thrust: +8 vs AC of a staggered enemy, 2d8 +4 damage
Evasive Strike: Bejeweled Knife attack and a hit allows you to disengage from your target
Tumbling Strike: Bejeweled Knife attack and +5 to disengage as a quick action
Sure Cut: Bejeweled Knife attack but on a miss deal Sneak Attack +2 damage; requires momentum and being able to make a Sneak Attack

It is Your Destiny: whenever you would draw a Plot Twist card, draw a second one
Roll with It!

Plot Twists
Hidden Secret

black leather
puffy formal clothing in stylish blue
Lore Bottle
Two activated keys to Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut (a plague doctor’s mask and a lock of hair from a frost giant’s beard)
482 shields


Fistandantilus’ life can’t be exactly be called charmed – he is showing signs of The Bleaching, after all – but it could be described as carefree. His habit of flitting from place to place, getting up to his usual tricks has been replaced with a maturity born of dawning dread however. When he and Gask encountered the strange doll in the weird hut in the Border Forest, the gnome was enamored with the gem where one of the doll’s eyes should have been. Watching the greedy dwarf behead the doll and attempt to pry the eye free froze Fistandantilus in his tracks. As his suspicions that this doll is tied in some way to Nadya’s daughter, Thora, Fistandantilus has resolved to find the girl and attempt to set matters right.

Plot Twists
Point of No Return: While traveling with Nadya to Waldsby, a flight of ravens made a beeline toward the group. Nadya warned the group that the White Witches sometimes use these birds as their eyes throughout the land and urged everyone to hide. Before they could cover themselves under the tarps holding the supplies down on the dog sleds, Gask attacked the ravens using his rune. Valentinos found a ditch in the ground, covered in snow, that helped provide temporary shelter until the ravens were carried away by a gust of wind.

Fistandantilus Wingnutsnakeoil

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