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Legends, Lore and Folktales

How Mikhail Gave the Moonlit King His First Taste of Good Forest Beer

The Thirteen Icons

The Three Heroic Icons

  • The Magician – magic, order and stability
  • The Emperor – humankind, civilization
  • The Fair Maiden – purity, mysticism, religion

The Seven Ambiguous Icons

  • The Vindictive Mother – self-interest, vengeance, family
  • Dwarf King – dwarves, crafting, greed, treasure, wisdom
  • Elf Queen – elves, stars, dreams/nightmares, fairies
  • The Guardian – fervor, protection, sacrifice
  • Mother Earth – nature, beasts, druids
  • The Prince of Shadows – anarchy, shadows, thievery, trickery
  • The Three – signs, portents and omens

The Three Villainous Icons

  • The Demon – giants, chaos, supernatural evil
  • The Witch Queen – witches, dark sorcery
  • The Monster – monsters, destruction

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