Rohkar Cindren



Rohkar and his Raiders have made a hard, if not entirely honest, living in The Border Wood and have clashed several times with the law. Not long ago, they were arrested and heading to trial.

Then Rohkar met Izoze and Teb Knotten. These new found allies helped the bandits overrun their captors and as a result, all of the constables were slain, and Rohkar’s Raiders moved into their outpost, the lodge at the top of High Ridge. The bandits used the lodge as a base from which to operate throughout the Border Wood and hold prisoners, including Lady Argentea Malassene.

After taking over the lodge, however, Rohkar’s Raiders fell on hard times. They were poorly equipped to deal with the wintry weather and many of the bandits fell ill. Rohkar fully expected his supposed allies to turn on him when he was no longer of use of them, so when he was bested by the group, he quickly surrendered to face the trial he had been heading towards when he first met the winter monsters.

Rohkar Cindren

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