Tales Dark and Grimm

The Archerfeast Carnival

Archerfeast in Heldren was especially unique this summer – the Circus Maximus was in town! You awoke to unseasonable cool weather that morning but it did nothing to quell the gaiety and laughter cutting through the cold wind and even the sky-shy sun peeked its face from around the gathering grey clouds. Children squealed with delight and gasped in awe of the sights, sounds, and smells of the carnival. The Titan’s Wheel creaked and groaned as a burly lumberjack tested his might with a hefty spin, a family rushed giggling through the town square and children and adults alike lined up for games and food. Despite the revelry though, after some time sightseeing, winning contests, and eating and drinking your fill, you felt that not all was right at the Maximus.


blindingly_fast_fey.jpg As your suspicions grew, you and a handful of others in town noticed a pinprick of yellow light flaring against the twilight darkness. From the smallest flash of color, it silently increased its radiance until it seemed as if the sun itself has come down from the heavens into the grove. Suddenly, directly in front of the light, an alluring female form appeared. The intensity of the light made it almost impossible to determine any of her features, but it was clear she was stunningly beautiful, and completely naked. The only part of her that is clearly visible was her eyes, which were liquid brown and seem to draw in the light. Her voice chimed with the crystal beauty of a mountain spring on a summer afternoon.

She told you she was the queen of the Border Wood Biggy_Piggy.jpg and of the First World, and that she and her fey had lived there since before man stepped foot in it. She continued on, telling you that this very morning a rider came with the cold wind and with a voice of steel promising the fey revenge for the forest they lost to man. His purpose, she did not know. The fey descended on Heldren to butcher its people, but the townsfolk were ensorcelled by something called The Eye of Rapture, causing them to not see the horrors around them.

To defeat this Black Rider, the fey queen had you and the others drink cold milk from a nearby wooden bowl. The scales dropped from your eyes as the sorcery was overcome. The Titan’s Wheel was a rotten claw spinning ‘round, the ale being served in The Silver Stoat turned the lumberjacks into trees and the pies at the pie eating contest were filled with offal and human remains.


Chasing off a few of the twisted fey offered you the chance to capture and break the witch ice shard the fey queen told you was rooting the Black Rider the area. He appeared before you in the foggy streets wielding his glaive and Leopold and Fistandantilus were able to negotiate for his weapon and The Eye in return for the daggers the roguish gnome had stolen from him early that morning.

Once The Eye was shattered, the fog lifted and the spell enchanting Heldren dissipated with it.




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