Tales Dark and Grimm

An Early Frost

The sleepy village of Heldren has rarely seen so much excitement or concern. Unforgettably, a haunted carnival of fey came to town and now hunters from the nearby Border Wood speak of unnaturally cold weather at the height of summer that descended on the forest just days ago. Heavy snow followed, and those who returned spoke of an uneasy presence in the woods, as if perhaps, some dangerous new predator was loose. No one knew what this event meant, but the carnival fortune teller’s proclamation, rang in Leopold’s head: dark times lie ahead.

As if in proof of that dire prophecy, Isker’s daughter, Xanthippe, ran up to the Stoat and exclaimed a badly wounded mercenary had just stumbled into town, claiming to be a bodyguard of Lady Argentea Malassene.

“He’s telling the village council that the noblewoman’s escort came under attack by bandits and strange creatures near the edge of the Border Wood. He alone escaped, and Lady Argentea was dragged away into the forest. Valentinos and two of the town guard has already left!”

The caravan guard, an Ulfen from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings named Yuln, was taken to Leopold’s apothecary where he warns Elders Teppen and Safander of bandits and strange winter fey who fear fire and cold iron. The townsfolk cast fearful eyes toward the snowy forest, worried what else might emerge to threaten their peaceful village.


Gask and Leopold head to the massacre site where they find two ornate carriages that had been attack – one having been run off the road and overturned, pierced with arrows. Leopold heard muffled cries from the coach and when Gask opened the door, a royal guardsman that appeared to be frozen dead attacked him! Startled he fell off the carriage at the feet of a long stationary gnome.

After fighting off the guardsmen, the two Heldren villagers head into The Border Wood in search for Lady Argentea. The gnome, Mae, joined them in hopes of finding her missing family. The forest trek led to a lodge high in the hills – the hideout of Rohkar’s Raiders.


Leopold talked his way into the lodge and supped with the bandits, until they found out he fey.jpg knew about Lady Argentea. They attacked him, but the despite the three-to-one odds, the group handily defeated them. Sneaking through the lodge in search of Rokhar, Mae found the cellar that held Lady Argentea and the Heldren guards. They captured Rohkar and sent him and Lady Argentea back to Heldren with the town guard while they searched the lodge.

Finding a caged fairy, Leopold and Gask tormented it for information. Armed with the knowledge that these winter fey are in the heart of the forest and led by a fairy named Izoze, Leopold burned the captured fairy and the group set off to find the source of the cold weather.



Jim declared this the best session in years. I think he’s right.

An Early Frost

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